Current Status: Another day at the office…not sure how much longer this can last…

Hometown: Busterville, MD
Current Address: 54 W 14th St, NYC
Education: B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Books: Harry Potter 4, Breakfast of Champions, The French Revolution: A History Of
Television: Would rather avoid it where possible.
Movies: Back to The Future I, II and III
Music: The Police, Don’t Forget to Write, Jay-Z
Favorite Quote:
Relationship Status:  On the market for something special…


Current Status: Today is beautiful and wonderful and extra fantastic! :) :) :)

Hometown: Simonstown, Indiana (Outside of Indianappolis)
Current Address: 555 W151st St, Apt 28, New York, NY
Education: B.A. in Modern Dance :)
Books: Catcher in the Rye, The Slaughterhouse Five, A Femme Fairytale
Television: Not too much television…Sex In the City, Real Houswives of New York
Movies: True Romance, Shrek, Serendipity
Music: The Grateful Dead, Janice Joplin, The String Cheese Incident
Relationship Status: Single and very very happy spending time with friends :D


Current Status: Whew!  Another whirlwind of a day at the clinic!  Back in the classroom tomorrow…

Hometown: Looney, Oregon
Current Address: 555 W151st ST, APT 28, New York, NY
Education: B.S. in Public Health; Pre-Med
Books: HIV in America’s Urban Youth, Can I Touch Myself There?: My Body and Me; Wrap it up
Television: Sex In the City, America’s Top Chef, Cooking with Rachel Ray
Movies: Waiting to Exhale, Ratatouie, Erin Brokavich
Music: Brandi Carlisle, Rihanna, Paul Okenfield
Relationship Status: It’s Complicated with Donny


Current Status: Yo, fuck that bullshit…did you see the sox game!?

Hometown: Bumfuck, Massachusetts
Current Address: Bronx, NYC
Education: 2 years of art school…almost got through three
Books: The Best of Stan Lee, The Watchmen, Calvin and Hobbs
Television: Adult Swim
Movies: Zombieland, Apocalypse Now, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Music: Rage Against the Machine, The Who, Thinning the Herd
Relationship Status:  It’s Complicated with Maye



Current Status: New Kicks Today!  Hooray!

Hometown: Harlem, NYC
Current Address: 524 W 151st ST, Apt. 4C, New York, NY
Education: B.A. in the Street, Minor in Graffiti Tagging
Books: The Invisible Man, Malcolm X, The Cat in the Hat
Television: What Not To Wear, Harlem Housewives, Comicview
Movies: Man On Fire, The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride
Music: Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, Santana
Relationship Status: Slingin’ Dick Left and Right ;)



Current Status: I love my new job!  Hopefully this one will last longer than the others…

Hometown: Looney, Oregon
Current Address: Oregon State
Education: B.A. in Marketing
Books: Time Out New York, Harry Potter 3, War and Peace
Television: Shark Tank, Millionaire Matchmaker, The Cosby Show
Movies: Footloose, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Step It Up 3D
Music: Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Janet Jackson
Relationship Status:  Single…


Current Status: Auditions, auditions!  Can’t wait for a stoop beer with April later :)

Hometown: Home is wherever I shall decide it to be.
Current Address: 555 W 151st St, Apt. 66, New York, NY
Education: B.A. in Theater from NYU
Books: As You Like It, The Crucible, Rent (the play-book)
Television: America’s Next Top Model, Inside the Actor’s Studio
Movies: To Wong Foo: Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar; Hamlet (with Mel Gibson)
Music: Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Prince
Relationship Status:  Sexy and Single!


Current Status: Hip-hop-be-bop-chillin-on-the-block!

Hometown: All Over!
Current Address: 555 W 151st St, Apt. 42A, New York, NY
Education: B.A. in Music
Books: The Life and Times of Duke Ellington; Harlem: A Brief History,
Television: Don’t have one!
Relationship Status: Chillin…


Current Status: Aaagghgh, late for work again!  so F*#ing hungover…

Hometown: Houston, Texas
Current Address: 555 W 151st St, New York, NY
Job: Bartender
Books: The Life and Times of Duke Ellington; Harlem: A Brief History,
Television: Entourage,
Movies: Pulp Fiction, The Godfather II, Blow
Music: Radiohead, Metallica, The Grateful Dead