Story & Music

Marty Blackstein, a young man of the new 20-something generation, after realizing that most of Manhattan today seems to be less about art and culture and more about money and corruption (and realizing that he can no longer afford this realization) decides to take a chance and move uptown to Harlem, NYC. Once there, he finds a sea of friendship, love and adventure enveloped in music, dance, grit and one of the most unique neighborhoods (and even more unique blocks) on the planet, and quickly learns that Harlem is not quite what he expected…

Though just as his expectations are being reshaped into those of a community much more engaging than he expected, things take an unexpected turn for the worse! 555, the wonderful, new, friendly, happy, exciting (or soon to be exciting) building he moved into is about to be repossessed!! Oh s#@t!!! Will Marty and his new friends be able to outlast eviction and keep their home? It may take more than a giant dance riot in the middle of broadway, a sex education field trip to the zoo and a crazy-ridiculous roof party to solve this one…

Or perhaps love is the answer? Ahh, love. What is love, if not all you need? Just ask Donny and Maye as they struggle to remain friends after a difficult breakup. Or Rock and June, bitterly torn between their hearts and minds at the prospect of being an interracial couple on the block. Or Marty, who may not mind losing his new building if he can just spend some more time with his new free spirited neighbor April…

More than anything else though, Welcome to Harlem in an EXPERIENCE, a unique adventure in which only incredible music can take you…


“Moving to Harlem” – Marty

A screenshot from "Moving to Harlem"

“Welcome to Harlem” – Felix, the Block

“Friends” – Maye, Donny

“Fuck! Shit!” – Ensemble Cast

“On Love” – Marty, April

“On the Block” – Rock, June

A screenshot from “On the Block”…

“It’s Okay to Fuck” – Maye, June, Classroom of Children

“Drug Deal Beat” – Instrumental

“Theater Major” – Troy

“Tripping” – Instrumental

“April, My April” – Marty, Donny, Rock

“Sleep with Me Tonight” – April, Billy

“Hood Meeting” – Felix

A screenshot from "Hood Meeting"

“Party Tune” – Instrumental

“I’m Confused” – Billy

“Song for the People” – Troy

“Will I Ever Find Love?” – April, Maye, June

“What the Fuck is Normal?” – Ms. Beverly, Marty, Donny

“It Will Be Okay” – Marty, April

“Finale” – Instrumental